2022/23 Competition Try-Outs

Posted on Jul 16, 2022 - Aug 17, 2017

2022/23 Competition Try-Outs

Competition Try-outs: 2022-2023 Season

Competitive Team Auditions: 


Competitive Try-outs

Saturday May 7th

If you are looking for a higher level of dance and your child loves to perform, check out our competition team! Our teachers will develop your child in a supportive and encouraging way, giving them every opportunity to succeed on stage. Ask your teacher for more information.

Students will:

* Develop a strong bond with their dance friends

* Gain confidence 

* Understand dedication and working hard to achieve goals

* Develop creativity and artistry 

* Have the opportunity to support the community with local performances

* Learn time management   

* Compete in 4 local competitions

* Learn to place graciously 

* Learn to support others


Competition Auditions 

There will be a mandatory meeting for parents in the first half-hour of each audition. A booklet that includes pricing and hours required for each level will be distributed. In this meeting, we will go over the information in the brochure and update you on the procedures, expectations and benefits of being a competitive dancer. 


Every dancer wishing to compete must attend auditions. Our teams have limited dancers, and each group must be established in June so that we can begin the process of arranging a final class schedule. 


Once selected, a competitive dancer must enroll in at least one of the summer intensives to prepare for the competition choreography that begins in October.


Candidates should wear proper dance attire (bodysuit, shorts, crop top, leggings)  barefoot, jazz shoes, or dance paws for turns for the audition.

Please arrive 15 minutes before your time.



Micro Mini Ages 4-7



Mini Ages 8-10



Junior 11-13



Intermediate/Senior 14+



We will need:

  • Parents Name
  • Parents Phone Number
  • Child(s) Name 
  • Are they auditioning for Part-Time or Full Time Competitive? 

Please call the studio for information. 

Competition Results for 2022


Part time Team
Shades - Monae - 1st overall 8 & under solo
Highest scoring mini routine
Respect - Molly - 1st overall Solo / Highest scoring junior routine
Elastic Heart - Tia - 3rd overall 13 & under solo
Bird Set Free - Payton - 1st overall 13 & under solo
Fever - Olivia - 3rd overall senior solo
I Remember Her - Eden - 2nd overall senior solo
Dangerous - Neveah - 1st overall senior solo / Highest scoring senior routine
Island Adventure - Ella, Abby, Jordan - 1st overall 8 & under duet/trio
Turning Up - Tia, Samantha - 2nd overall 13 & over duet/trio
Leave the Light One - Olivia, Eden, Lily - 1st overall senior duet trio
Woody's Roundup - Mini PT Team - 2nd overall 8 & under group
Sharp Dressed Man - Mini PT Team - 1st overall 8 & under group 
When Love Takes Over - Junior PT Team - 3rd overall junior group
Family - Junior PT Team - 2nd overall junior group
Summer Time - Junior PT Team - 1st overall junior group
Zero to Hero - Inter. PT Team - 2nd overall inter. group /Dance Attack Showstopper
This Will Be - Inter. PT Team - 1st overall inter. group / Dance Attack Showstopper / Highest scoring intermediate routine
Full-Time Dancers
You Say - Morgan, Keira - 2nd overall 13 & under novice duet trio
Human - Alexa - 1st overall 13 & under novice solo
Blow - Niyah, Stella - 1st overall 13 & under duet/trio
A Little Party - 3rd overall 13 & under group
Till it Happens to You - 2nd overall senior group
Choreography Awards
Miss Nicole - Brave - Stella
Miss Emily - Zero to Hero - Intermediate PT Team
And finally...
Congratulations again to everyone for a phenomenal first competition! Let’s keep up the great work and gear up for next weekend! 💜✨



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